Do You Spend Enough Time Practicing Your Communication Skills?

In today’s digital age being a great communicator  is extremely relevant. We live in an ADD/ADHD world. Getting and keeping someones attention has become increasingly difficult. So how can you rise above the rest to effectively reach your targeted audience with your clear,persuasive and thoughtful message either at home or for business?

Reflect upon the following:

Great communicators listen more than they talk. Be compassionate.

Body language accounts for more than 70% of great communication.

Use KISS to articulate. (KISS is an acronym for Keep It Simple (and) Stupid)

Can others feel the positive energy, passion and conviction in your voice?

From the onset, great communicators create a level playing field.

Are You Listening?

Great communicators keep the message narrow and on target.

Keep eye contact.

Inject some humor. Who doesn’t like a laugh or two?

Pause and breathe.


These are just a few of the many skills you will need to practice to become a great communicator. So how do you practice and where is the toolbox?

My friend Conor Neill has the best toolbox FREE for another 4 days only. I have had the pleasure of watching Conor in action on many occasions and his speeches are always remarkable.

Sign up here: Speak As A Leader - Guaranteed Results!

Have an amazing Sunday!

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5 thoughts on “Do You Spend Enough Time Practicing Your Communication Skills?

  1. cuchullainn says:

    I heard a lesson from Craig Valentine – a “World Champion of Public Speaking”. He said that ever since he won, people approach him and say “World Champion eh? Wow. Hey… Say something!”

    Initially his response was “Hum oh yeah… well…”

    He realised he would always be asked this. It is not enough to be preparing. He must always be prepared.

    Even though we are not “World Champion of Public Speaking”, we better be ready for the questions that will come. Every day someone will ask you “Who are you?”

    Have your “tell me about yourself” story ready always. You need it every day. You will be asked. It is not enough to respond “Hum oh yeah… well…” You know this question is coming. Be prepared. Stay prepared.

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  2. Robert Bremner says:

    Thank you for sharing your valuable advices! Excellent communication skills are essential in organisational settings. Nevertheless, many people feel a certain degree of fear when speaking to large audiences. I agree %100 with your article.

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  3. MelanieLM says:

    Thanks for this list. I’m still as nervous as I was in high school about public speaking or even speaking to a group of people who I’m not related to. One-on-one and with a few people I’m great. The bulk of my communication is through the written word, which makes me even happier.

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